A new centre in the city

A new centre in the city

Espai Barça is a Club project but it is also a project for the neighbourhood and the city. Aside from buildings, it will be a space for members and fans to come together and also for the residents of the Les Corts district and the city of Barcelona as well as being a welcome point for visitors

The challenge for Espai Barça is to create the best sporting campus in the world in the centre of a big city and that will also see a reorganisation of space and of streets in the area that improve mobility and security for pedestrians and promote the use of public transport. 

The Espai Barça urbanisation exterior project will create 110,000m2 of new streets and green zones and will improve the integration of the Club's land in Les Corts (19.4ha) and its surrounding areas. It brings with it an urban transformation via the Metropolitan General Modification Plan (MPGM), which aims to bring an integrated, improved solution to the urban planning of the area in which the Club's sporting facilities are situated, the neighbourhood of Les Corts (19.4ha) and the immediate surrounding area (9.2ha). In total, the modification will transform 28.6 hectares and the same time the relationship with the neighbourhood and Barcelona, creating a new centre in the city. 

The residents will be able to enjoy a new green space for public use and facilities integrated into the neighbourhood with leisure areas. In order to reorganise space, an urban plan was needed via the MPGM. Local government gas worked alongside the Club and local residents and other interested parties from the neighbourhood to maximise interest and gain as large a consensus as possible. Since final approval in June 2018 and in with an agreement with the city that has the support of all parties represented municipally, with the exception of the CUP, progress has been made with the forthcoming documents and urban planning projects for the land included in the MPGM have been approved with the first phase of the work in the Joan XXIII Avenue having commenced, made by OPROCAT, the company in charge of the works of this street

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As a result of this redevelopment, the exterior urbanization project has an area of 111,046.74 m2, and FC Barcelona will invest 28 million euros + VAT. The team responsible for the development of the project and the works is the UTE formed by MasterPlan engineer and Isabel Bennasar Arquitectes.

The area will be incorporated into the neighbourhood of Maternitat i Sant Ramon and it will accessible, with new private spaces open to public use that will create a continuity with the rest of the public and green spaces that surround and face Camp Nou and the current Palau Blaugrana and the land previously occupied by the Miniestadi. 


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Road infrastructure changes 

The exterior urban space brings with it an improvement in security and visibility on the roads and it strengthens the character of the urban surroundings. New parking spaces for scooters and motorbikes will be added to the roads and the pavement will be a minimum of 5 metres wide with cycle lanes around the facilities. 

It also brings changes to the streets that surround the Club's land. 

A) Calle de la Maternitat: Division at Masía de Can Planes.

B) Calle de Arístides Maillol: Regularization of route. 

C) Avenida de Joan XXIII: New more open and safer route for pedestrians; including a walkway above la Masía to separate vehicles and pedestrians. 

D) Avenida de Gregorio Marañón: New route and widening of the pavement for the L9 metro stop. 

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Força Barça
Força Barça
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