A spacious and vehicle free environment

A spacious and vehicle free environment

Espai Barça will remove traffic from around the future Camp Nou thanks to underground parking with room for cars. motorcycle vehicles and bicycles

The Espai Barça opens up the Club's facilities in the neighbourhood and creates large spaces for public use that will connect different areas of the city. FC Barcelona will create an underground parking that will allow pedestrians and vehicles to be separate and create greater security for vehicles and create an interior urban space in the forecourt opposite the main stand at Camp Nou. 

Cars, motorcycle vehicles and bicycles

The underground car park will have 3,200 spaces for cars, more than 1,000 places for motorcycle vehicles and 700 secure places for bicycles. 


Ground level parking for coaches to be removed so to create an interior Campus free of traffic and a more pleasant environment for members, fans and visitors.

The coach parking area for the new Palau Blaugrana, next to the Petit Palau and the ice rink, will have 50 spaces on match day for use by supporters' clubs and on non-match days for use by visitors the Museum, Barça Store and Campus in general. 

On one side of the stadiumthere will 30 spaces for coaches at ground level and those will be used for visiting fans on match days and on non-match days it will be free space that will form part of the Campus. 

In the area of Menéndez Pelayo street there will be 60 space available for use on match days for supporters' club coaces and on non-match days will revert back to their normal use. 


Força Barça
Força Barça
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