The redistribution and improvement of the area around Camp Nou

The redistribution and improvement of the area around Camp Nou

The Espai Barça brings with it a redistribution and improvement of the Club's facilities and its place in the district of Les Corts

Espai Barça 
is much more than a personal project for FC Barcelona, it is a project for the local neighbourhood and the city. This is what makes it different to other clubs who are also redeveloping their stadiums. Barça are transforming their facilities in the centre of the city of Barcelona which attracts millions of visitors each year and has FC Barcelona as one of its main attractions. 

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Why was a change in urban planning necessary? 

To be able to complete this redistribution and commit to the Espai Barça project, it was vital to come up with a Modification of the General Metropolitan Plan (MPGM), that brings with it an urban transformation in the area around Camp Nou. This change is born out of a very obvious need: 

  • Obsolete facilities.
  • A free space that lacks interest.
  • A set of discordant buildings in terms of space and time.
  • A major barrier in the midst of the Les Corts district.


The MPGM establishes an improved and integral solution in the urban planning of the area where the Club's sports facilities are located in the Les Corts district (19.4 hectares) and their immediate environment (9.2 hectares). In total, the urban modification transforms 28.6 hectares and favors its relation with the district and Barcelona, promoting a new centrality in the city.

Through the MPGM, the city will gain 13.900m2 of open space, 18,600m2 in new green zones and 1,450m2 in space for the construction of public features and access to a vast space for public use and without fencing of more than 40,000m2. FC Barcelona is investing 28 million euros + IVA in urban planning and green zones for the area and 70 million euros to create underground parking and create a quality interior campus. 

The Club is increasing the area used for construction by 104,000m2 (to remodel Camp Nou, build the new Palau Blaugrana and the building for the Club's administrative services) and 30,000m2 for tertiary use (offices and hotel). Underground parking will allow the esplanade to be of the highest urban quality and it will connect the future Camp Nou to the new Palau Blaugrana and the complementary buildings. 




Força Barça
Força Barça
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