Petit Palau, Ice Rink and Bus Parking

Petit Palau, Ice Rink and Bus Parking

On the land where the Miniestadi was located, next to the new Palau Blaugrana, an annexed pavilion, an ice rink and an underground bus parking area will be built

The complex of the new Palau Blaugrana, in addition to the multifunctional pavilion for 15,000 spectators, includes the construction of an attached pavilion and an ice rink, as well as a bus parking area. These three facilities will be on the club plot that is currently occupied by the construction of the L9 metro.


An annexed pavilion with capacity for 3,500 spectators. It will serve as a pavilion for matches for those professional sports that don't need such a large capacity. 

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The new track will be of the latest generation and will have a capacity for 500 spectators. It will be international standard size and home to the club's amateur ice sports, figure skating, and ice hockey. 

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It will have room for 50 buses and will be underground to lessen the visual impact on the neighbourhood. On match days it will be used by coaches from the supporters' clubs and on non-match days buses for visitors to the Museum, Barça Store and the Campus in general.

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