FC Barcelona recycles concrete and steel from the demolition of Spotify Camp Nou for reuse in construction of new stadium

FC Barcelona recycles concrete and steel from the demolition of Spotify Camp Nou for reuse in construction of new stadium

Circular economy supported by treatment plant on site of former Miniestadi to ensure a sustainable stadium with recycled concrete and steel accounting for 50% of Espai Barça's carbon footprint

FC Barcelona is advancing with the work on the Spotify Camp Nou, having completed the demolition and with the foundations already being put in place for what will be the structure of the new third stand. As part of the demolition work in and around the stadium, and in defence of the sustainability that is one of the three pillars of the 2021-2026 Strategic Plan, the club is working to promote the sustainable development of Espai Barça. This includes recycling of the concrete and steel extracted from the stadium, which will then be reused during the construction phase.

The circular economy is thus being supported in the redevelopment of Spotify Camp Nou. An example of this is the treatment plant that has been installed on the grounds of the former Miniestadi, which will be operational until all of the material has been treated,  which until now amounts to approximately 54,000 m3.


The recycling process is based above all on separating the extracted concrete and steel, which is then crushed into different granulations for reuse as raw material for the construction of the new stadium, respecting the maximums permitted by current legislation: 100% in non-structural concrete (leveling and ditches) and 20% in structural concrete. The rest of the recycled aggregate will all be reused as landfill.

The steel is transported to an external company that specialises in the recycling process, after which it is brought back to Spotify Camp Nou, with a minimum percentage of recycled material of 97%, where it forms part of the reinforced concrete and the new structure of the future stadium.

Circular economy and reduction of the carbon footprint

The inclusion of this maximum possible use of recycled concrete and steel as part of a kilometer 0 structure are a benchmark for savings on raw materials, the protection of virgin spaces and also respect for the circular economy.

The outcome is a significant reduction in the carbon footprint of the Espai Barça redevelopment work, in terms of the materials and energy consumed, transportation and also the manufacture of new material, with recycled concrete and steel accounting for approximately 50% of the carbon footprint of the future Espai Barça.

Air quality around the stadium

All the movement of debris by the excavators on the Miniestadi grounds is generating a large amount of suspended particles in the air. Since the introduction of the latest Drought Decree by the Catalan Government, there are limits on the use of water that in a normal situation would substantially help to control and eliminate this dust. FC Barcelona is aware of the problem and is already working to find a solution based on the use of tertiary water from treatment plants. Furthermore, since the work began, particle sensors have been installed around the site to continuously monitor levels (PM10) and ensure that everything is being done to regulations.

The club holds regular follow-up meetings with local residents and maintains permanent contact with Barcelona City Council and the Les Corts district to report on the status of the work, as well as the planned actions and possible incidents in order to find possible solutions and cause the minimum possible inconvenience.

A completely sustainable infrastructure

Last May, FC Barcelona obtained a BREEAM certification for the Espai Barça project, which verifies that its current and planned actions have surpassed the BREEAM @ES URBANISMO requirements on sustainable urban development.

Also, last April, FC Barcelona obtained two Biosphere certifications that verify that both the club and its museum develop their goods and services in a responsible manner with regard to society and the environment.

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