Barça proceed with the partial demolition of the third tier during break for World Cup

Barça proceed with the partial demolition of the third tier during break for World Cup

The work allows a start on a large part of the steps planned for next summer and the refurbishment for the new stadium planned for the 2023/24 season

The Club continues working on Spotify Camp Nou and moving forward with the refurbishment work, taking advantage of the time offered by the break in the league programme for the upcoming World Cup in the months of November and December. The work on the stadium, the central pillar of the Espai Barça project, which affecs the Gol Sur area, principally the third tier, carries on in line with the timescale mapped out, given that the partial demolition of the third tier is now under way. The first phase of the planned work will finish on 30 December, just before the game at the stadium against Espanyol. 

On 1 September work preparatory work began on the dismantling of equipment and facilities and the temporary transfer of the systems and technology infrastructure (CPD), likewise work is being done together with the operators on the deployment of new connectivity in the stadium to minimise risk and the impact on members, fans, corporate services and technology applied to sport. Furthermore, the video scoreboard in the Gol Sur and seats in the affected zone were removed to prepare the area for the subsequent demolition. 

The worl that begins todat will consist of the demolition of the outer ring, the cantilever roof that protrudes from the façade of the Gol Sur (former site of the Asistència Sanitària medical centre), and half of the third tier of the same South Goal zone, part of which acts as a counterweight. The demolition will be done by traditional mechanical means, via mechanical methods, removing all the structural elements above the fans in the second tier. 

The work will cost a maximum of 4.6 million euros that will be covered by the bridging loan agreed last summer. 

Other planned work 

Although the majority of the work needed for the demolition of the third tier of the Gol Sur will be carried out during the break for the World Cup, over the next few months work on the second phase is also planned in which the remaining structure will be dismantled. The only part remaining will be the exterior pillars reaching the second tier as a protection measure and then construction will begin of the new exit stairs and walkways. 

All this work will allow for time to be gained in what is a large scale and complex project and it will useful in terms of verifying processes and time frames for the new stadium ahead of the work planned for the 2023/24 season in which matches will be played at the Estadi Lluís Companys in Montjuïc. As such, it was decided to begin work on the refurbishment of Spotify Camp Nou in the area of the Gol Sur as it will be starting point for the telecommunications in the future stadium and where the technological connections will be built to allow work to continue next season. 

Seats affected in the Gol Sur

The work affects 3,782 seats in the Gol Sur zone, mainly in the third tier, which will disappear. 3,182 of these belong to season ticket holders, who will be relocated to similar areas or will be offered a temporary moratorium on the payment of their season ticket.

As for the second tier, 1,215 season ticket holders, sat between entrances 315 and 322, will go from having a covered seat to an uncovered seat and the club will adjust prices in compensation. Six VIP boxes in the second tier will also be affected, which are usually used by visiting clubs. 

Work is being concentrated on between gates 34 and 46, and entrances 521 and 422 and once the partial demolition of the third tier is complete, pillars will be built, foundation work will be put in place, and new stairs and evacuation routes will be built for gates 315 to 322 and for entrances 1-21, 116-121 and 211-221. 

restore use of the first and second tier seats that will remain unaffected by the work. 

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