What is the Estadi Johan Cruyff like?

What is the Estadi Johan Cruyff like?

It is a modern facility, efficient and functional with room for 6,000 spectators
  • A characteristic asymetric design, composed of a grandstand second tier (1,000 spectators), a lower tier (5,000 spectators) and a built-in roof that creates a powerful identity inspired by old pitch at carrer Indústria.

  • The stadium has a 360º bowl, which seats spectators around the whole perimeter and generates a strong sense of unity.

  • The curved corners create the utmost proximity between spectators and players, helping them blend together as one.

  • Excellent visibility from every seat, meeting the standards expected of a modern-day football stadium.

  • 700 car-parking spaces

Comfort in the stands and on the field  

As is fitting for a latest generation stadium, the Estadi Johan Cruyff incorporates comfortable seating and a hybrid pitch system that combines natural and synthetic grass. 


The 6,000 top quality seats boast an innovative design. Ergonomic seats that, empty or not, contribute to the aesthetic design of the Estadi Johan Cruyff thanks to the combination of the blaugrana colour and the maroon colour of the building. Furthermore, the fans can see the slogan 'MÉS QUE UN CLUB' (More than a Club) in the seating thanks to the seats in yellow. 

Playing surface 

FC Barcelona has selected an Catalan company for this vital element of the Estadi Johan Cruyff which comprises of a new system of braided turf. The system, based on the laying of the traditional turf system, is notably improved with the addition of fine layers of synthetic fibres to the natural grass. This braid reinforces the natural grass and allows a stronger, deeper root system and better performance in cases where the natural grass is damaged or affected by the weather. 

An innovative stadium 

The Estadi Johan Cruyff has been built using 'smart' stadium criteria which requires sustainability and energy efficiency. 

The stadium is is controlled using BMS (Building Management System) that is implemented using BIM technology. The facility is connected to the Ciutat Esportiva via an underground passageway and on ground level to the local neighbourhood of Sant Joan Despí. The stadium has the latest in video scoreboards, seats, playing surface and lighting. 

Estadi Johan Cruyff


The floodlight facilities use LED technology, something very new in the world of sport with FC Barcelona one of the first teams in Europe to install LED floodlighting in one of their stadiums. The uses of LED allows: 

  • The lighting to complement the growing demands of television with regards to quality and intensity of light for TV coverage thanks to the enormous luminosity of the lighting elements. Furthermore, it allows the broadcasting of images in slow motion by using lighting without flickering. 
  • The flexibility to host various types of events, integrating the lighting to create an immersive experience for the Barça fan. 
  • Improvement in the sustainability of the sporting infrastructure thanks to its low energy needs and its sensitivity to the peaks of energy needed during events. 

Video scoreboard 

The Johan Cruyff Stadium has two video scoreboards, one behind each gol, put together by a German company with experience in top level European stadiums. These videoscoreboards allow the spectator to enjoy the best experience possible as they work like a screen. 



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